Catholic Book List for the First Year of Motherhood

Hopefully this will be the last post about my first year of motherhood….but who knows, I won’t be making any promises.


the first year of motherhood as you can imagine is hard to describe.  There is so much going on…and so little sleep, that my memory of it is a little foggy.  (So…take pictures)

But, there are moments when it is hard….and I mean really hard.

In one of my grad classes we learned that apparently the first year of parenthood is the most dissatisfactory year of one’s life? uhhhhh…..whaaaa? I didn’t say it was that hard.

My professor went on to explain that is is the most dissatisfactory year because it requires the biggest adjustment of one’s attention and time.   So I guess that makes sense.  Maybe having a child is really the driving force that can knock you up side the head and say “the world doesn’t revolve around you!”

However, I must disagree with the notion that the 1st year of parenthood is somehow “dissatisfactory”.

I found it pretty incredible actually.

However, I had help, support, and wise words from people much smarter than me.

I also read books (I know, I know….nerd alert)

I wanted to share some of the awesome books I read that will hopefully make the adjustment to motherhood that much more enjoyable because I would never wish this year to be dissatisfactory!

These books don’t dismiss the struggles of motherhood, but instead embrace the real meaning of self-sacrifice and suffering.  When we start to understand “gift of self” in a Christ-like way and look at Mary’s example, there is no way motherhood can be dissatisfactory!!

{All of these resources are Catholic specific, easy to read, and totally worth the read…yes even in the midst of the first year of motherhood}

pregnancy catholic
Really great reflections for each week of pregnancy.
Imitating Mary
Great book put out by
embracing motherhood
Super real and authentic read! Includes papal writings and tons of quotes from the saints.
Really quick 1 pg. devotionals for each day. Great to read while breastfeeding!
A total must do for everyone!!! Mother or not!

Other mamas, please feel free to add resources to the list!! Sharing is caring!


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