Milestones for the 1st Time Mommy

Now that AvaMarie is 1 and cruising around, babbling up a storm, and opening books on her own….I wonder the common question:


Motherhood is a never ending adventure. Literally, each day is full of surprises and milestones.

During this past year of motherhood, I look back not just on all of AvaMarie’s milestones, but some of my milestones as a 1st year mom as well!

Can we take a sec and reflect on some first year mommy milestones??

Seriously…1st time mamas need some love too.  There are so many changes and adjustments that new moms have to make in the first year.  They need some credit! These were my milestones in my first year.

1 Month:

  • Breastfeeding finally feels bearable
  • Left the house once!

2 Months:

  • 1 oz of confidence when going out in public
  • Wore some “non-PJs” on occasion
  • Took first long trip with baby
  • Wore make-up again

3 Months:

  • Mastered carrying a purse, diaper bag, and carseat while opening a door
  • Finally figured out all the buttons on the darn stroller
  • Had first successful “mommy-date”
  • Made it a full day without any spit-up on my shirt

4 Months:

  • Gained some coherence
  • Mommy actually styles her hair!
  • Actually started trusting other people playing with my kid

5 Months:

  • Went shopping (for myself!)
  • Stopped leaking boob milk through all my shirts

6 Months:

  • Back to pre-pregnancy weight (thank you breastfeeding!)
  • Full confidence going in public

7 Months:

  • Mommy sleeps through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mom goes out for a night and hires a real, legit babysitter!

8 Months:

  • Mastered breast feeding in public
  • Went on a run

9 Months:

  • Had time to read a leisure book
  • Got dressed up

10 Months:

  • Had a full conversation that didn’t revolve around my child
  • Felt like I fully focused in Mass!

11 Months:

  • Started showering regularly again…sort of
  • Stopped caring what judgie non-childbearing people think of my parenting

12 Months:

  • Found some overall “Mommy confidence”
  • Survived first birthday party without crying
  • Started wearing regular/non breast feeding shirts! (thank you weaning)
  • Went on first overnight trip away from baby

Any other milestone from the other mamas out there?


2 thoughts on “Milestones for the 1st Time Mommy

  1. I love this list! I was a foster mom this summer (at the age of 19) for two months, and people were always asking if we could have a conversation that didn’t revolve around my baby and when was I going to be able to hang out again! I can’t relate to all of these, but some of them, I completely understand!

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