Delight in Her

This past weekend I got the tremendous blessing of being able to go to Connecticut to visit the Sisters of Life and participate in their mini crisis pregnancy retreat as well as help FOCUS film videos for the new Love Life initiative.

Sooo blessed.

I’ve never met a more joyful, vibrant, and real group of women in my entire life.

Christ’s love was literally glowing in them.

The greatest lesson that these beautiful women taught me was how to “delight” in one another.

As women who work specifically with crisis pregnancies on a daily basis as their primary mission, you can imagine how draining life could be.

Crisis after crisis.

Heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story.

Abortion after abortion.

And yet, they are the happiest women I have ever encountered.

This is because they know how to delight in others.  They dig for the goodness in others and receive that goodness which then makes their heart move to serve them out of love.

Much like when the virgin Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth and because Elizabeth saw the “goodness” (Christ) in Mary, her own baby MOVED inside of her and she was able to serve Mary and let her live there during that time because she saw the goodness in Mary.

When we serve others because we see the good in them, we are able to delight in that service.

Too many times we only serve others because we think we are good. This cannot be the source of our servant heart.  If we only serve others because we believe we are good, then we are no longer receiving any goodness in the interaction and we will quickly burn out.

So….the sisters taught me to dig deep into the person I am serving.  Dig until I see their goodness, and when I find that goodness, receive the goodness as a gift and participate in that love.  When I participate in the love, then my own heart will be moved out of genuine authentic love to serve.  How beautiful.

My favorite quote of the weekend was by Mother Agnes Mary:

“People are not a task to be accomplished, but a love to be experienced.”

Go experience that love today.


3 thoughts on “Delight in Her

  1. the sisters of life are incredible. I am so happy you got to experience that with them. Your account of the experience you shared with them is so beautiful to hear. thanks for sharing, raquel.

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