Love Letter: Dear Ruth

Love Letters are back! We have a contribution by an amazing young women who really is making something broken into something so incredibly beautiful.  After suffering a miscarriage, this strong woman has had to endure so much suffering, but is using it to glorify the Lord.  Not many people are as brave as her and I just love the genuineness and beauty in her heart.  This is her letter to her sweet baby girl in heaven.  You can also enjoy more of her writings at her blog Surrender Saved my Life!

Dear Ruth

I cannot even begin to imagine how beautiful you would have been. How wonderful you would have made my life and how even just at 10 weeks you changed me for a lifetime. And now all I have are a few pictures of a time when your heart was beating so fast. Seeing that changed everything and I regret every moment I didn’t savor the time we had together. It only took a moment for you to steal my heart and I loved you even before. I hate that I will never be able to see your first steps, or cry on your wedding day. I hate that the time I had with you was so short, but you are forever my child and my love. I will never understand why, but I hold on to the promise of heaven and seeing your beautiful face. How lucky are you to be with God. Your dad and I miss you every single day. There is not a moment that passes that the void left by you doesn’t sting my heart, but my love for you is so much more than the world, it’s so much more than holding you, it’s knowing you and having just the brief time with you. Ruth, I can’t believe something so small and so easily discarded in the world today could forever leave a place in my world, but you became my world. And I thank Jesus for even knowing you. One day I will hold your hand. One day I will see your face. And one day I will know why and I will praise God for it. But for today, I want you to know how much we love you and how much we miss you. Words can’t express the love I have for my child, my first beautiful baby.

We love you.



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