I’m a Bad Mom: I had to call poison control

Guys (and gals)

I’ve fallen off the blogging train….and I’m sad about it because I really love it.

But….this darn Master’s program is kicking my butt. So this is my first midterm week since having a child.

Well, that’s a lie, I had finals a month after I had AvaMarie…but with a newborn, you can actually get stuff done because they just sleep.

Not the case now.

AvaMarie is almost one and she just started walking this week. Ya.

So….I kissed my study time good-bye.

It’s hiding one thing after the next.

Picking up one thing after another.

Saving her from near concussion experiences.

Now teaching her not to walk with things stuck in her mouth.

It’s been a little rough.

The other day I was desperately trying to get some reading done for a class and I sort of not so nicely shoved some toys in AvaMarie’s face hoping she could just entertain herself for like 10 minutes.

As I’m sitting there, somewhat frustrated that I’m so behind and that AvaMarie now only takes 1 nap a day and it is in the morning when I’m at work (so I don’t get to have any uninterrupted “get stuff done” time), and I’m just being a huge grouch and then I looked up…..horrified.

AvaMare had a little paper pack in her mouth.

It was ripped open….and lots of tiny clear balls were on the ground.


I ripped it out of her mouth and swept her up, aggressively swiping my finger in her mouth getting all the little beads out.

It was one of those silica gel packs that are in those shoe boxes…you know, those packs that say DO NOT EAT!

So at this point I was starting to cry….I was getting pretty pissed at myself that I let this happen.

What a bad mom….

This is what happens when you ignore your kid… they eat poison!

So…I’m freaking out and clutching AvaMarie tightly to my chest as she’s wailing (because she probably didn’t appreciate me ferociously trying to swipe her mouth clean and being smothered so abruptly).

Anyways, I call poison control in utter panic as I’m running around packing up stuff thinking I’m going to have to rush to the hospital.

They answer and I’m doing everything in my power to not sound like I’m having the biggest meltdown ever, but I’m positive they could tell.

The lady on the phone is asking me some basic questions.

“Is she having any reaction”


“What did the packet say?”

It said DO NOT EAT!!!!!!!!!

“What else?”

Ummm something moisture absorption…I can’t read it it’s all torn up

“ok, everything is going to be fine…this is our most frequently called in question”


She then went on to explain that no, you shouldn’t eat those packets in shoe boxes, but they are not toxic…(THANK YOU JESUS) they just absorb moisture, and if she had any she just needs to drink some water so her mouth doesn’t get dry.

Oh my gosh….if that wasn’t the biggest panic I’ve ever had…I’d rather go jump out of plane (with a parachute of course).

Needless to say, the rest of the afternoon I spent just playing with my gorgeous daughter.

If anything, I’m thankful this happened…


It was a reality check.

Because I have been getting too caught up in school and tasks and dumb stuff that I haven’t been giving my daughter the time of day.


And I’m not even filming it or anything…I’m sitting on my bed, frustrated about not being able to do homework because she’s walking.

(Terrible mom of the year award…goes to me)

So…I’m glad AvaMarie ate those silica gel packs (obviously because they are non-toxic) but also because she reminded me that she is my priority and everything else can wait.

I just love her….and I think a lot of us often neglect those that we love precisely because we love them…

“They’ll always be there just because we love them”…that’s what we think.

But no, time flies.  We need to be cherishing those that we love and be PRESENT.

With that said I need to go hang out with my sweet little girl and get some snuggle time in before it’s too late!

I hope you all can spend some time with those you love!


3 thoughts on “I’m a Bad Mom: I had to call poison control

  1. No. You are not a bad mom! All moms have those heart-stopping, beat-up-on-yourself moments. It’s part of the job description. The important thing is to forgive yourself, take a deep breath and learn from those moments (and it looks like you already have). Motherhood is lop-sided and we spend years trying to find the perfect balance but it doesn’t exist. Don’t worry, you’ll still find a way to get all the important stuff done (like your readings).

  2. Join the club! True confession: I had to call poison control twice, and twice the affected child threw up all over me while I was on the phone for help. All five of my kids made it to adulthood despite my goofs. Some days, all I could tell myself was “hang in there!!!”

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