Start a Pro-Life Week on Your Campus!

It’s Respect Life Month!!



Cross Display
Cross Display


Life Expo
Life Expo


Free Stuff
Free Stuff

What can we do to promote life on our campuses? How can we spread awareness in a unique and meaningful way?

There is a pro-life week on campus sponsored by the Catholic campus ministry group and the pro-life club. I am honored to be a part of the University of Northern Colorado’s annual “Bearfoot for Babies” week.

I thought I might share what they are doing to help inspire campuses throughout the nation to start a movement at their own school!

“Bearfoot for Babies” was started several years ago by Luke Hellwig (a now FOCUS missionary!) and several other Bear Catholic members.

First of all…

What the heck is “Bearfoot for Babies?”

Well…’s a pro-life week designed to bring awareness to the issues of life and abortion.

  • Students walk around “bearfoot” (UNC’s mascot is a Bear..ha)
  1. They does this as a penance – offering up their suffering for the unborn that never get to walk this earth
  2. They do this as a silent protest against abortion
  3. They do this to spark a pro-life conversation when people curiously ask “hey, why are you walking around barefoot?”
  • There is a 3,300 cross display representing the lives lost to abortion each DAY.
  • There are several pro-life speakers
  • There is a pro-life concert
  • There is a Life EXPO with tons of information for students about bioethics, fetal development, birth control truths, crisis pregnancy center info, etc.
  • There is adoration
  • There is a Eucharistic procession around campus (bearfoot of course)
  • There are people handing out roses to all the women

Basically there is a LOT of awesomeness happening.

The reason I’m sharing this….

To inspire!

I’m not suggesting you do this exact event on your campus this month…..but I am suggesting you do SOMETHING!!

Get people talking about it.

Get people asking questions.

Start something!

Life is worth fighting for and we need more brave young people to stand up for truth and dignity!

We need to do this a unique and meaningful way.

Whether it means walking around barefoot or handing out flowers or putting up some sort of display.

YOU decided!

The awareness needs to be spread!

Make sure there is a way for people to show they support life! This can be through t-shirts, buttons, stickers, whatever you can think of!

The main point here is:

Something must be done! This is possibly the most important issue of our day and we have to be talking about it!  ESPECIALLY on a college campus.  That is where people make up their minds about some the most important issues in their lives!

I urge you to be creative, pray, and do something!

It doesn’t have to be a huge event, but there needs to be something!

What are YOU going to do to protect and celebrate life on your campus?

If you need resources to start something and get informed check out the following:

Student’s Guide to Bioethics

Bearfoot for Babies

Life Issues Institute

Life Training Institute

Students for Life


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