Time Management Presupposes You Have Time…

Haha…oh time.

There’s never enough of it.

I can’t wait to see what heaven is like since it is supposedly outside of time.  That would be nice.

It’s that time of the month to do my goal review and goal setting.  As I look at these goals I can’t help but chuckle because I’m so ambitious with the little amount of time I have.

I’m finding it’s very hard to manage my time.  Which is a foreign thing to me because I used to be Miss Organized my whole life…but then I had a baby….and that’s when my time became her time. Yeah…my time is no longer my own.

But whatever…here goes my goals for September!

August Review:

  • Organize all my planners, emails, schedules into one place!!
  • Continue trying out at least 1 new meal a week (thank you pinterest)
  • Save $500 Nope….thanks to grad classes beginning and those pesty books you always have to buy.
  • Wake my lazy butt up to exercise…even if just for 15 minutes HA!
  • Commit to my daily prayer/quiet time I did it…but not consistently…so I still need some improvement
  • Fast from Facebook stalking this month (I have way too much to do this month) Yeah..I read this and was like “when did I decide this??”
  • Weekly friend/mom date Yeah…FAIL
  • Daily stroller rides or park visits for AvaMarie Does every other day count??
  • Go swimming! (I haven’t taken AvaMarie enough and I realized summer is almost over!) whoops.
  • Work on my Bearfoot for Babies speech ugh…fail.

September Goals

  • Work on my Bearfoot for Babies speech!!!
  • STAY ON TOP OF HOMEWORK!!! (I can’t afford to be behind) This means homework for a minimum of 1/2 hour every day
  • Go to bed by 11 every night
  • Start compiling my own recipe book (for when I eventually have my own place)
  • Mom dates/or friend dates weekly
  • Start reading a new spiritual growth book
  • Relax on Sundays (quite working and burning myself out)
  • Ask for help when I need it
  • Morning prayer!
  • Start up my crafternooning again!

Phew…ambitious when you have an almost walking 10 month old…but hey, it keeps life exciting.

Would love to hear your goals!!


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