Crafternoon: Missionary Survival Kit

Do any of you know any missionaries??

One of my best friends just became a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionary and she is about to embark on an amazing journey. Her name is Sarra, and basically….she is awesome.  She is someone who truly taught me about my dignity and feminine genius.  Her authentic love and compassion and “realness” is so refreshing and I can’t wait to see all the lives she is going to impact.  If any of you are wanting to support a missionary…you should totally support her because she is going to do great things. (Go HERE if you are interested in the mission)

Anyways..I made this sweet “Missionary Survival Kit” and wanted to share it as part of Making Things Beautiful!

If you know any missionaries…this is a fun gift to give them!

Missionary Survival Kit

Then…wrap each gift individually and put them in a fun bag!

Missionary kit bag


6 thoughts on “Crafternoon: Missionary Survival Kit

  1. Made these for the new FOCUS missionaries at my college’s Catholic Center as a gift from the Pastoral Board and they loved them! Thanks for the great idea! =)

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