Not Alone: Resources for Catholic Single Women

Here are all the amazing books, and websites I’ve read throughout my life that have seriously made a huge impact on my life as a Catholic woman.  (There are just a handful that I haven’t read, but I felt confident enough to put them on here because of the recommendations I’ve heard about them and the people that wrote them!)

Please, Please, take advantage of all of these resources.  Whether it’s the books or websites, or studies, it is important to grow as a single woman to not only prepare for your vocation, but also for your ultimate Vocation (with a CAPITAL V) to be a servant to the Lord.  Hopefully you find words of wisdom in these resources!

How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul

This is one of the most amazing books I have ever read….especially regarding dating.  They address human brokenness in such a real way and give real and tangible tips for dating.  It is very refreshing.  Jason and Crystalina also have a nice website here. Their Facebook page is here, I would definitely like it if I were you!


The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide for the Single Years

This book is just awesome…read it!  I talk about it in this post also.

Single Years Survival

Pure Womanhood


Extreme Makeover

This book is sooo great.  It also has tons of resources within it about church teaching on femininity and lots of research about things in the world that are hurting the feminine genius (birth control, abortion, pornography, etc.)


Adam & Eve After the Pill

Awesome book about the sexual revolution and how it’s changed the treatment of women (for worse).  This just offers a lot of understanding about our sexualized culture and is backed up with research!


Style, Sex, & Substance

The title alone explains how great this book is!



I personally know the author, and although I haven’t read this book yet, I know it is a good one. I know because I love her blog which is here! Check that out too!

worthy book

Woman in Love

This woman personally signed my book when she sent it to me and she doesn’t even know me!!! You can tell this author is so genuine and it is evident in her amazing writing! A MUST READ.  This book can also come with a study!

Woman in Love

Back to Virtue

This book is by Peter Kreeft… obvi a good one!

back to virtue


One of the best books for understanding why us women are the way that we are!




Redeeming Love

Most amazing fiction book based off a bible story….all about real love and forgiveness! I read it in like 2 days!


***Books Specifically on Love…***

The Four Loves

four loves

Theology of the Body Explained


Men, Women and the Mystery of Love


***Books on the greatest female role model of all: Mary***

The Virgin Mary’s Revolution

virgin mary revolution

Total Consecration


Imitating Mary

(No book picture, sorry)

The Rosary!!!!

***Some really encouraging and good quality websites***

ENDOW:Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women

This is a MUST DO study for a women’s group.  It has several parts, but it is truly eye-opening!

Here’s the site if you are interested in this study!

Of course you can always check out the Not Alone series as well!

not alone5


12 thoughts on “Not Alone: Resources for Catholic Single Women

  1. Wow, what a great list of resources!! Your list includes a number of books I have not read but will have to check out. I am going to post this to my FB page and will feature it in my 7QTs this week! Great job, Raquel! Cindy

  2. I would appreciate reading about single Catholic women who have discerned a vocation of remaining single. I believe there are many women out there striving to live a chaste life who are not seeking or waiting for Mr. Right at the same time.

  3. LOVE this list, and thanks for the shout out! I definitely need to read Redeeming Love – the prophet Hosea is my favorite prophet and probably my favorite book in all of Scripture! SO good! Thanks for reminding me about it 🙂

  4. Great list, I have read a few of them already or they are in my queue. The only link I am familiar with is made in his image so I will definitely be checking out the others.

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