To My Third Roommate

When I was pregnant, I was living in a little hot apartment with one of my bestfriends/roommate.  She was a trooper.  At this point in my pregnancy, my pregnancy was still a secret.  My roommate, and family and a very few other select friends were the only ones that knew….meaning there were very few people I could vent to about everything (my roommate usually got the brunt of it all).

I probably made her days tough, because I was a typical mopey, whiny, pregnant woman who gagged at the smell of anything other than crackers….

This meant my roommate couldn’t really enjoy cooking, and I couldn’t really stand to eat with her.  Food was just not working for me. We would usually carpool to school also, but there were several times I just couldn’t get out of bed…so she had to drive herself.  I also lost my desire to really do much of anything.  I was pretty boring…..and very emotional

Then…one day I was at the apartment alone, and I was walking past the dining room table and accidentally knocked off one of her notebooks.  Grrr. Frustrated (because I was already late for a class I did not want to go to). As I was picking up her scattered papers, I came across this cute letter.

You roommate was in a writing course, and part of it was to keep a journal and write little entries.   When I picked up the notebook it was open to this entry/letter.

It made me cry….(I blame pregnant girl hormones) It was exactly what I needed to cheer me up that day.

Anyways…to my former roommate, we love you, and this letter entry is one of the little things that made my unplanned pregnancy turn into a blessing. Thank you for always loving us!

To my third roommate:

Although sometimes you bring one of us sickness and bigger pants, you also bring both of us joy and smiles. You bring autumn anticipation. You bring coffeeless mornings. You bring interesting lunches. I know we both already love you, despite everything. You have brought one of us strength and courage no one knew she possessed. You’ve brought the other admiration for the one with the strength and the courage she doesn’t think she has. You’ve brought a secret, that I love that we share, but of course also that I wish we could share with the world. We love you and are glad you are here.


2 thoughts on “To My Third Roommate

  1. This one made me cry. I have a little girl in heaven and wish I had these moments with the ones I was living with at the time. Friends who saw the amazing changes come about along with the reality of how much my life was changing.

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