Cinderella’s Dad

The other day I heard this song on the radio


And…it made me cry. (Listen to it and you will understand!)

I was literally holding back tears.

This Father’s Day is a little different for me.  This year, I have a little girl, and her daddy isn’t here.  And he’s not here by choice.  He didn’t want to be a dad. So, I caught myself wondering…who is my Cinderella going to dance with?

I’m not going to condemn or talk about him negatively, because I already forgave him, and will continue to forgive him, but….on days like today (Father’s Day) I feel a little broken… because when I look at my sweet girl’s beautiful eyes and know that one day she’s going to wonder where her dad is on Father’s Day…I might just crumble into an angry bitter mess.

But then I remember…

I have the greatest dad ever.  And he LOVES his little granddaughter more than anything.

And then I remember…. that I also have the greatest brother in the whole world.  And he is AvaMarie’s God-Father (through baptism) and he loves his little neice/God-Daughter more than anything.

And then I remember… I have the greatest God of all time, and he loves AvaMarie more than all of us combined.

So, then I’m not so upset, because the father figures AvaMarie has in her life are the best of the best.

AvaMarie is my little Cinderella, and she has so many virtuous, amazing men looking out for her.

We will make sure she knows that.

So on this Father’s Day, I’m so thankful for my dad.  He has shown me what a real man is supposed to be like.  He loves me and treats me like his little princess.  He has shown me what AvaMarie deserves in a father….and even better than that, he has stepped in as a father figure for AvaMarie so that she does have a man to look up to.  I’m forever thankful daddy.

Thanks for giving my little Cinderella someone to dance with!



5 thoughts on “Cinderella’s Dad

  1. I know exactly how you feel on this one, Raquel. But what a beautiful message you’ve shared. We are blessed to have good, godly, fatherly examples for our daughters. My father has stepped in as a father-figure for Sophia, as well, and she has him wrapped around her little finger! That’s her, “Bop-Bop.” Thanks for sharing, and know you’re not alone in this situation, either. 🙂

  2. I know how you feel Ms. Raquel, I could’t have said it better myself , it were my own story. May the Lord continue to bless you and your little Cinderella daily !!

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