Public Comments on Plan B Ban

PlanB_One-Step_photo_0907This morning the Weld County City Commissioners met to discuss the Family Planning budget for the health department.  One of the items up for debate was whether or not to supply the Plan B pill (more commonly known as emergency contraception or the morning after pill).

Comments were opened up to the public for 3 minutes a piece.  Over half of the people present were supporting Plan B.

Few of us there were opposed to supplying it.  However, even with few representation, our cases were heard and the commissioners are upholding the current ban on Plan B.  Praise God!!! I encourage all of you that may have similar situations going on in your counties to go and represent the sanctity of life and make your voices heard.  We desperately need them to change our culture!!

These were my comments:

“Thank you for having me.  Last year I found myself in an unplanned pregnancy.  It was the scariest experience that has ever happened to me.  I was afraid, single, still in college, and alone…and despite my better judgment as a pro-life catholic, I scheduled an abortion, completely against my beliefs.  The reason I did this is I was just too scared to even consider anything else.  I wanted to end what I had done.  A few days before my abortion I had a very profound change of heart and I canceled it.  I went to the local crisis pregnancy center, met with an adviser,  scheduled an ultrasound, and received options counseling.  Receiving the much needed support and resources allowed me to see clearly again.  I was no longer blinded by fear.  Throughout my pregnancy I used the resources that the center gave me and pursued adoption information and parenting information.  After much intensive discernment I decided to parent.  I now have beautiful 6 month old daughter named AvaMarie.  With the resources and support I received from the center, my family, and friends, I was able to complete my BA degree in the midst of my pregnancy, I now have 2 jobs, and I just got accepted to a graduate program where I will pursue my Master’s.

The reason I tell you this…is because at the beginning of my unplanned pregnancy, when I was afraid…I never would have thought so much good could come from it.  I never imagined all the resources out there to help me or that there were other options…and that there would be hope if I chose life.  Fear was blinding me.  But once I got the help and support and the fear slowly disappeared…I was able to think more clearly and make the best decision for myself.  If I would have gone through with the abortion I would have been so wounded…..I would have been wounded emotionally and spiritually and it is very likely I would have experienced many of the physical risks.

I know I would have been hurt because during my pregnancy I hemorrhaged pretty badly.  I was bleeding uncontrollably and in that moment I thought that I was being punished because I had wanted an abortion at the beginning.  When I went to the doctor…I told her something I hadn’t told anyone. Up until now, my doctor and my parents are the only ones that know this.

When I was in the doctor’s office because of my hemorrhage, I was panicking and she was asking me the intake questions and I blurted out “I took a Plan B pill in the very beginning… I miscarrying now because of it??”  I was on the verge of sobbing.  No one knew that a few days after the night my daughter was conceived I just had a feeling I was pregnant…and I was sooo scared that I went a bought a Plan B and took it.  I repeat…I was so afraid (not informed) that I fearfully took the drug.

Thank God it didn’t work, and my pregnancy progressed perfectly….but it did give me perspective.  In that moment when I was hemorrhaging…I briefly felt the gravity of what I may have felt like if the Plan B did work.  I felt regret and pain at an enormous level.   I got a glimpse of that complete brokenness I would have felt if the Plan B did work or if I did get an abortion.

I am not the only one who has seen the pain from emergency contraception.  As an adviser at the local crisis pregnancy center, I’ve counseled over 40 women this past year and of the women that have come in asking for the morning after pill, NONE of them chose to take it after receiving our whole person approach counseling and non-biased, science based information.

Plan B gets women when they are afraid, NOT when they are informed.

The Plan B pill is not healthcare….it is abortifacient and it can terminate a pregnancy.  It can prevent a fertilized egg from implantation, and when life begins at conception, that means it is abortifacient.  Most women do not know this, and when close to half of the culture is pro-life, it is important that women know that emergency contraception can cause chemical abortions.  This is not healthcare and it is not good for the woman.  The Plan B has at least 8x the strength of birth control.

“But marketers of the ‘morning-after pill,’ advertised as ‘emergency contraception,’ tell women, especially teenagers, to hurry-up and take this inadequately-tested, high-potency drug, when in reality many of these women may not even be pregnant” (CareNet). Woman turn to Plan B out of fear.  It is designed to be a quick fix, not a well thought out decision. It is unfortunate that when it comes to women’s reproductive health we are quick to sacrifice health for effectiveness – I know I did, and I am just lucky enough that it didn’t kill my daughter because I do not know where I would be without her now.

Non-profit, non-biased places like the Resource Center give information to women in crisis pregnancies so that way they can make a good decision for themselves rather than a reactive destructive decision. When they are provided with the information, the resources, and the support they almost never choose emergency contraception or abortion.

On behalf of the girl who has been there…and as a professional that works with the very women this drug targets (the girl in the crisis pregnancy)..I strongly oppose making Plan B so available.  It is not healthcare and it is not good for women.  Science shows this, and real life testimony shows it.  I agree with your conservative approach and think that funding should go towards a whole person approach counseling rather than supplying Plan B.  Women who fear a crisis pregnancy need support and non-biased information, and they need to be treated like a whole person, they do not need a fear driven drug.”





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