Love Letters: Dear Roselyn

I love youA friend from college decided to contribute to the Love Letters series.  Her letter is absolutely beautiful and this amazing mama is a true example of unconditional love and beauty.  Thanks for your vulnerability and beautiful love for your sweet daughter!

My Dearest Roselyn,

In a few short weeks you will celebrate your first birthday! I can hardly believe it.  It seems that just yesterday I was in the doctor’s office listening to your heart beat for the first time…swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh. I’ll never forget how it sounded.  At first I was worried because it seemed so fast, but the doctor said that all babies hearts beat that fast.

Maybe its because they’re excited…about their new lives, about exploring this new world they’ll soon be born into, about meeting their mommies.

Or maybe they beat so fast because they’re scared. Being born is probably a frightening prospect..and the womb is so dark and cramped. Sometimes mommies are scared too when they find out they’re mommies.  I’ll admit I was a little afraid, but I always wanted you. I hope that your heart beat fast with joy and not fear in the womb because I was thrilled to have you.

I may not have “planned” your existence per se, but that doesn’t mean that you weren’t meant to be here or that you are a mistake.  On the contrary, you are the greatest gift I have ever  received.  You, my love, were the catalyst for my conversion and my continuing inspiration to selfless love.  You’ve stolen my heart along with all my energy and given me everything in return. Thank you for being my baby!




2 thoughts on “Love Letters: Dear Roselyn

  1. I have to say that I am relatively new to your site, and I love it. It is beautiful and honest and pro-life in every way that every Catholic should be — with honesty and truth and beauty and humility. Thank you for your willingness to host this blog!

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