Preventing Late Term Abortions by having Early Term Abortions? Huh?

Today I happened to be reading up on Gosnell and came across a very upsetting picture.  If you are unfamiliar with the Gosnell case, you should read up on it!

Anyways….Someone in my facebook feed had posted this:


I have several problems with the message behind this picture.

  1. This picture is subconsciously justifying Gosnell’s actions by blaming it on the “unaffordable access to abortion and contraception”. (Last I checked, tax payers are paying for Planned Parenthood to provide abortions and contraception.  And yes, Planned Parenthood does charge for their services because they are a business…and businesses try to make money, so sorry this stuff isn’t free).
  2. This picture implies that if people were on birth control,  this wouldn’t happen.  (hello….the majority of people experiencing unplanned pregnancies were using birth control…and it failed!)
  3. This picture is implying that if we don’t want something “bad” on a large scale…we need to allow “bad” on a smaller scale so that way it will never escalate like this.  It’s essentially the same argument as: “If we don’t legalize abortion, women are going to turn to back alley abortions anyways, so if we don’t want that, we need to let people get abortions before it get’s that bad”

The problem with that phrase, is that it is not solving the problem…it is settling.  Just like, “if we don’t legalize murder/theft…people are going to do it anyway”.  Saying “people are going to do it anyways” is the saddest excuse…it is giving up, throwing in the towel, it is saying the issue DOESN’T MATTER, and that phrase is probably the biggest disservice to humanity.

What if policeman stopped protecting society because…criminals are going to rob and kill anyways.

What if Priests stopped holding mass, or confession  because people are just going to sin anyways.

What if doctors stopped treating patients because everyone is just going to die anyways.

How sad…to just give up.

The notion that “people are going to do it anyways” does not justify anything….if anything it brings an ever bigger and more urgent need to change the culture, and more importantly, to NOT GIVE UP.

Changing the culture to a culture of life.

  • Creating a culture that doesn’t condemn women who experience an unplanned pregnancy…so they don’t feel so ashamed and afraid (as an advisor at a crisis pregnancy center, my experience has shown me that this is the leading factor in women choosing abortion).
  • Creating a culture of adoption, having more families willing to adopt and giving birth mothers the true facts about adoption.  And definitely squashing the myth that adoption and foster care are the same thing…they are not!
  • Creating more pregnancy resourcer centers that actually help the women in need without any discrimination.
  • Creating a culture that doesn’t glorify irresponsibility and selfishness.
  • Creating a culture that actually glorifies sex….glorifying it in the way sex is designed (sex=to create life, and to emulate the Trinity, to be a complete gift of self).
  • Creating a culture of dignity and respect.
  • Creating a culture of parents who aren’t afraid to take to their kids about the things that matter.
  • Creating a culture that doesn’t depend on a little pill to solve things, but depends on a REAL savior, forgiveness, and accountability.
  • Creating a culture that actually cares about truth! (enough of this moral relativism business…it gets us no where).
  • Finally…creating a culture of real, genuine, authentic love.  Not the hooked-up, non-commital, just-for-fun “love” that the devil forces on us.

I refuse to say that abortion is a “good” for people…too many women that I have personally met have been deeply wounded by it.

And in no way is supporting early abortion going to prevent tragedies like this.  As far as I can tell, we live in a world that DOES support early abortion, and this STILL happened.

Abortion is the biggest perversion of women’s rights…and quite frankly, women deserve better.

All in all…I pray for Gosnell’s conversion, what a story that would be! And I pray for the dignity of women and their children to be restored.  Don’t give up!


9 thoughts on “Preventing Late Term Abortions by having Early Term Abortions? Huh?

      1. I believe that the circumstances for every one are different, which is why right and wrong morals and values are slightly different to every person.
        But lucky for people like me, every woman currently has the right to choose.

      2. Sure, I just don’t agree with the implications of moral relativism…which is where everyone decides their own morality. If everyone is allowed to decide what their own personal right and wrong are instead of look for an absolute truth that applies to everyone..then ultimately there is NO right or wrong whatsoever. (meaning murder, theft, adultery, etc is all acceptable, because it is “right” for the person doing it in their own mind)

  1. Oh my goodness, the number of things I could disagree with right here are staggering. I’ll ignore pretty much all of them and just say this.

    We pro-choice folk? We think this man is a MONSTER. Plain and simple.
    But the reason behind the graphic is that all of the anti-abortion rhetoric has women scared. It has them so scared that when they become desperate enough to choose an abortion, they go running to people like this, completely unaware that this is NOT how abortions are supposed to work, how it’s supposed to be. It’s the same thing that drives women serving in Afghanastan, who are raped by commanding officers and face dishonerable discharge if they terminate a pregnancy to use their own bayonets. It’s a lack of education and choice.

    …okay, one more thing. Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization. Tax deductible and everything. They provide abortions thanks to donations from folks like me. Yes, they charge for medical services, but like most non-profit health clinics, they do it on a sliding scale, and they accept insurance. So when I go to PP for a pap smear, I do pay. But when I went there for my annual pelvis as an out of work stage crafter? Free of charge.

    1. I would disagree that those scenarios are caused by a lack of education…I think they are caused by fear and a lack of someone loving them and supporting them through a crisis.

      Many women come to our crisis pregnancy center after going to a PP and not being able to afford a simple pregnancy test because their services are overly priced. Our centers offer actual options advisement and counseling, and because we don’t charge for a single thing….there is no hidden agenda, we do not try to profit the way a PP does.

      Either way, I think my point in my post was that early abortions and birth control availability is not the answer..but loving the woman in a crisis IS. If women felt loved and supported instead of afraid, they wouldn’t have to turn to these late term abortionists.

      1. I agree, but I would add that it doesn’t stop with pregnancy and birth. They need to be confident that the foster system will work for them, that if they don’t want to parent their own children, they aren’t afraid of putting them in inhumane or abusive situations. We have a systemic problem in this country when it comes to caring for unwanted and impoverished children. Until we can guarantee that those children are cared for, it is my position that we cannot expect women to bring them into existence.

        (If you’re interested in my whole position, I’ve written about it pretty thoroughly here:

      2. Sure, and that is where education on adoptions where the birth mother has complete control over the entire situation is key. Foster care and adoption are not the same thing. In adoptions, the birth mother has complete control over who they are giving their child to, as well as the openness, and people don’t realize how much control the birth mother has.

      3. I guess I just think that “not allowing women to bring children into existence” is pretty similar to not caring for unwanted children. I also don’t think there are “unwanted” children, because there are people that want them. It’s hard for me to understand your views because I work with people that try to make sure children are in wanted and loving environments on a daily basis…(even if they are disabled, came from drug addicted parents, came from foster care, etc).

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