Poop Explosion

Mommy LingoI’m mostly writing this blog so I can embarrass AvaMarie with it one day…I’m so nice.

But really…it’s also for all you future moms out there – this is what you have to look forward to. Ha!

All current moms-you can just reminisce and enjoy a laugh because I know you have been here too!

Yesterday was the biggest poop explosion to date. I’m grateful it happened in the safety of my own home…because we have not been so fortunate in the past.

AvaMarie seems to get a kick out of completely destroying an outfit, she thinks it’s hilarious (this makes me extremely terrified of potty training).

Anyways, the story goes something like this:

AvaMarie was fussing, and like many times I didn’t know what was wrong. I fed her, burped her, she had recently woken up from a nap, she had a fresh diaper, and she had taken a bath earlier that morning.  In theory, she should be happy as a clown.


She was still fussy.  We tried laying on our tummies, back, holding, standing, playing in the bouncer – nothing.  I finally resorted to putting her in her swing and waving toys in front of her face.

Then she got that look on her face…serious, focused, and turning red.

The poopy face

Without wasting anymore time….she let loose.

I’ve always had a hard time knowing what to do in these situations. You see, AvaMarie is known for pooping…well, a LOT all at once.  So, I struggle with knowing when exactly to change her.  I’ve tried various things – always failing.

I’ve changed her right away, only to get pooped on mid diaper change…or to hear another lovely burst of poopy be released right after I have her all clean and fully dressed (of course).

I’ve waited it out until I’m positive there can’t be any more poopy left only to find that I didn’t make it in time.

I have a running tally of when I successfully change her before there is a leakage and still after she is completely done expelling. I’m losing.

I usually don’t make it in time.

This is the worst….It is where the terms “up the stomach” “up the back” or “out the leg” developed.  When it has escaped from all the different locations, that is what I refer to as a POOP EXPLOSION.

I’ll never understand how this can happen so often.  It must be the force with which the poopy is expelled, because I make sure her diaper is on nice and snug so it shouldn’t ever just leak out.  Plus these high tech diapers have the little elastic “poop catcher” that is supposed to fit perfectly around the tush.  It must be the force (sometimes the this force can be heard..aka the “power squirt”). So it’s either the massive force that it comes out in, or it must be that the wet consistency cannot be contained by just a flimsy diaper.  I won’t go into too much detail in case some of you have weak stomachs.  Or maybe it’s the quantity.  The explosions are probably a result of a full out combination of force, consistency, and quantity. Ugh.

Unfortunately…these explosions have happened many times…many adorable outfits have been ruined.  (This is obviously more heart-breaking for me than AvaMarie).  She has actually practically ruined one of my dad’s shirts as well…so these accidents are not just limited to destroying her own outfits.

I always have an extra outfit for her when we go out, but I’ve started to wonder if I need a back up as well.  The explosions are just too unpredictable.

Anyways…back to the story.

AvaMarie finished her business and I was about to change her when my mom walked in. Perfect timing.

She asked me how everything was going and we chatted, and then I mentioned I needed to change AvaMarie because I heard her pooping.

“I’ll get her” – my mom volunteered.

Yes!!! I’m always happy to let someone else change her. 

I continued what I was doing and a few moments later I heard a SCREAM.

It came from the bedroom.

“Raquel!!!! Help!!!!” – my mom shouted.

Oh no….

I knew what this meant.

I ran into the room….and there. was. an. EXPLOSION.

Out the leg, up the back, up the stomach.

There was a lot of it.


Most of it was out the leg…and this is the worst. Why? Because AvaMarie loves to kick on her changing table.  So when it’s on the leg…and she starts kicking around frantically….you can imagine.

Normally I’m not fazed by these blow outs, but this one was gross.  Gross enough I wanted to share it with you all.

You’re welcome.

10 wipes, an entire outfit change, a fresh changing pad, 5 minutes of hand scrubbing, and a few hand sanitizer squirts later we were clean.  Awaiting the next one.

I hear it only gets worse….and then you have to potty train them.


Welcome to my life.


9 thoughts on “Poop Explosion

  1. Yup, I am vvery familiar with all of the mentioned poop terminology…. I have a multitude of poop stories about Kelsey! Including explosive ppops that happened during naps and were then used to “paint” self, crib and wall!

  2. Raquel, what a great story! Sounds like we will get to see your Mom & Dad in a few weeks when they coke to watch Sean golf.

  3. Raquel, welcome to my world!!!! Currently I have three kids in diapers and I am potty training three more. Needless to say, my day is just one big poopfest!!!!!! At least AvaMarie still has the “sweet” (i use that term loosly) smelling poop. . . just wait!!!! Soon it will be a full on barforama smell! Not to mention that changing your own child’s poop is WAY differerent than changing someone elses child’s poopy diaper!!!! Well, here is hoping you have an explosion free day! Love you all!!!!

  4. Loved your pooping explosion story Raquel. With four kids we had many of those but my worst was my daughter Olivia, almost 15. She could poop like nobodies business! (Don’t ever tell her that! I’m such an embarrassing mom). Anyway, she was, and still is today, one of those people who go 2, 3, 4 days without pooping. She actually went 16 days as a infant without pooping! Yes I did say 16 days! I remember it like i was yesterday cuz what baby goes that long without pooping? The doctor said it was “normal” for a nursing baby. I don’t know what his definition of normal is but that just isn’t normal. Needless to say after 16 days Liv erupted like a volcano! Thank goodness we were at home for that one, as many times we were not and I was at a loss. So when you say up the back, up the stomach, out the leg I completely get it. This was literally up to her neck. Her hair had poopy in it! She was in her bouncer and I picked her up after hearing the explosion and held her at arms length not knowing where to even start. I was part laughing and part horrified! I had my husband come to the rescue and strip off her clothes and proceeded to hose her down in the sink. There was not enough wipes in the container to clean this. But how I would love to be changing explosions now. Instead I’m dealing with peer pressure, sex, drugs, alcohol and all the other teenage stuff that threatens to take our children down the wrong path. It’s an everyday battle and I am on the front lines. I refuse to let the devil win and take my children down with him! Enjoy your precious AveMarie. They grow up way too fast and one day you will wish you were still changing her diapers, poopy explosions included!

    P.S. Love reading your stories. You’re a gifted writer and a beautiful young woman. If you don’t know who I am ask your mom. I went to college with her and your two aunts. I have wonderful memories of the Naranjo sisters.

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