Do You Have Goals??

So I was inspired by my online writing class instructor, Chaunie, when I read her monthly goals! I was thinking to myself… GENIUS, why am I not doing this!! (Check out her blog here, it’s awesome!)

I always write down a list of my goals every new years, but like many of us….I forget about them come February.  So, this will be an excellent way to keep accountable! Feel free to join in! Hearing other people’s goals is always so inspiring.

(I can’t remember who said this so I promise I’m not plagiarizing)

“The only difference between people who accomplish their goals and people that don’t, is the people that accomplish their goals WRITE THEM DOWN”

There is something to be said about physically taking the time to write your goals and dreams down.

  1. It makes them real
  2. It gives you something to measure growth/progress by
  3. It makes you accountable (especially if you make your goals known)
  4. You don’t forget if they are written down
  5. You ACCOMPLISH them faster

Matthew Kelly (my favorite author/speaker) suggests that we write down our goals and dreams and keep them in a place that we can see them EVERY day.

I met Matthew Kelly!!!!!!!

He also says that we need to live our lives purposefully…meaning we should always be striving to become the “Best-version-of-yourself”

That should be everyone’s goal!

The how and the what may differ, but we are all called to greatness.

So the question is…What do you want in life??

The #1 reason people fail is because they literally don’t know what they are living for, they have no goals!

So…I don’t want to be one of those people!

I will now be posting my monthly goals and I hope you do something similar!!!

Here’s to becoming the best-version-of-yourself!!!!!!

April Goals

April Goals

  1. Finish my Book Proposal! (work on it at least every other day)
  2. Start Running again yikes! (maybe try 1 mile every other day at first..ha.)
  3. Go to adoration & daily mass at least once a week
  4. Read spiritual growth book (read every night instead of zone out on Facebook for ever!) this will be a challenge
  5. Organize my closet, get rid of stuff…basically spring cleaning
  6. Have a friend date once a week (this is for my sanity)
  7. Start the discernment process for whether to do the school counseling masters program or theology masters program
  8. Plan trip to visit grandparents
  9. Save $500
  10. Cook 4 new meals!

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