3 Books Every Young Woman MUST Read

Women…we are under attack.  I was walking around this past week shopping, with my baby girl. Just strolling around.

Normally I would have never noticed the things that I noticed…but when you have a little daughter, your perspective changes about a lot.

As we were strolling around some shops, we passed.. Victoria’s Secret.  Now, normally, I admit, I do like their products and I have one of their “pink” sweatshirts, but this time it was as if I was seeing their garments in a whole new light.

(Not just the fact that they have unreal half naked models plastered across the windows).

This time I noticed the “girls” underwear on display.  And I actually saw girls shopping in there!! Like 12 year old girls.  They were picking up tiny underwear that had “feeling lucky” “kiss me” and “muah” written across the butt.

Ummmm No! This is inappropriate.

Then I realized…wow, this is our culture – Sexual, vulgar, and inappropriate.  I mean…I didn’t even really take offense to this underwear until I had a 5 month old daughter in a stroller.  That’s because I didn’t NOTICE.  Well done, devil, well done.

It’s every where.  We think it’s not big deal, but it is.  The billboards, the commercials, the shows, the music videos, the music lyrics, the models, the magazines, the Victoria’s Secret underwear, everything!! It’s no wonder there are so many broken women….and WE DON’T EVEN REALIZE IT!

Probably the smartest thing the devil ever did was do things unnoticed.

That is why it is crucial that women are educated and prepared for the subliminal attacks of the devil.  Some may say “what you don’t know won’t kill you” Ummm… FALSE.  If you don’t know that the devil is slowly poking at your dignity and undermining your worth, then how are you to defend yourself?  Soon you will end up in the mess I found myself in…broken from one night stands, depressed, alone, lost…and believing that was all there was, that was all I deserved, that was NORMAL.

After I decided to change my lifestyle, I had some tremendous healing to go through.  It was long, and it was not easy, and I still struggle.  But, at least now I know how to defend myself because I actually understand my dignity.

Through my healing process I read several books, and I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend ALL young women read these! And if you’re a mom, make sure your daughter reads these when she is in high school! They are phenomenal.

Matthew Kelly (stud) says “we become what we read”.  So are you reading sexualized magazines, degrading books, or pointless facebook posts?  Or are you reading something worth while.

I challenge you women to read these books.

If you have ever felt lonely, ugly, degraded, or wondered if there are any good men out there (ie. if you’re a normal woman) you need to read these books!

*I even attached the Amazon link so you can buy them, clever, I know 🙂

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