On days like today, when there is MASSIVE controversy and opinions and emotions are heated, I take much comfort in these words: Image

In these times, we must remain faithful and remember who we testify to in the end.

We are called to speak truth.  Truth is never popular.  Truth is hated.  Truth is attacked.  It is hard to speak Truth, and that is why Jesus came…to “testify to the Truth”  and then Truth had to be crucified.

The key we must remember when speaking about Truth…is to do so in love, just as Christ did…meaning we must also die to ourselves.  Which stinks!! I love being right!

But I have to remember it’s between me and God, not me and Them.

I am humbled when I remember that Jesus never cared about changing peoples minds, he only cared that he revealed truth.  He didn’t care that more people hated him than followed him.  He still loved. (I’m such a wimp!)

Here I am getting all heated over facebook posts…and when Jesus spoke Truth he got nailed to a cross. The most I suffer is a rude comment that will be forgotten tomorrow.

This controversy came at the perfect time…Holy Week.  Reminding us all that it is not about being is about dying to ourselves, seeking the Truth, enduring the attacks, and loving all the more.

Seek truth and speak it in love.  People will criticize you…but love them anyways.


“Love without truth is blind, truth without love is empty.” — Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger


Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.” ― Warren Wiersbe

And throughout all the controversy and attacks and arguing…remember, it is between you and God anyways. I would bet that he is going to ask… Did you speak Truth? Did you love?


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