The Truth About Women Pt.1


There are MANY “Truths” and MANY “Lies” out there.  The important thing is distinguishing between the two.

Woman…especially are bombarded with the lies.

That is why so many women are broken today.  I know it. I was and still am a broken woman.

The lies out there told me to dress and talk inappropriately, to pursue men, to control them with my body, to disrespect myself, to act like I didn’t care, to pretend my innate dignity was “no big deal”.  Sex, alcohol, cursing, short skirts…no big deal.

But the problem with that is….no matter how “strong” you are…at the end of the day when you are in the silence…you are empty.  You are empty because you gave everything that ever mattered, that was ever important away to someone you will never talk to again.

 Women throw away their dignity.

The worst part is that they throw away their dignity to anyone that asks for it instead of someone who earns it.

In order to understand, embrace, and defend our dignity, we need to know the truth.

The first truth we must understand is this:


In the bible, woman was the last to be created. Save the best for last right? We are the standard of Beauty.  God is not going to end all of creation with a dud.  Heck no!  He is going to end creation with a “wow” factor – with some intense wonder and awe.  That’s right…some ooooolala.  You better believe women are straight up gorgeous, captivating, awe-inspiring, spectacular,  “gotta take a double-take” kind of beautiful.

In fact, we are sooo beautiful that God chose WOMAN as the place where he was going to create souls….think about that!!

The only creature that can co-create with God is WOMAN.  Out of all the places God could have chosen to create his most precious creation (human life) he chose the womb of a woman.

If this doesn’t scream “CROWN OF CREATION” I don’t know what does….

As women- we are the CROWN OF CREATION…and we especially know this because of how women have been attacked.  There is a war on women (and it’s not from the government)… it’s FROM THE DEVIL

It is easy to see what is most precious and valuable to God based on what is attacked the most in the media, and secularism…this is the plan of the devil

When I look at the media I see 2 primary things being attacked



Attacks on Women:

  • Magazines
  • Distorted beauty
  • Abortion
  • Contraception
  • Violence against women..rape, sexual abuse
  • Objectified, Sexualized

Attacks on Sex:

  • One-night stand culture
  • Outside of marriage…is “normal”
  • Everyone does it
  • It is cool to have many sex partners
  • No commitment
  • Pornography
  • Sex is devalued

So… we KNOW that women, and sex are hugely sacred and valuable BECAUSE they get attacked the most by the devil

Unfortunately…I fell under this attack and I believed the lies that the devil formed both about Women and about Sex

As women, the devil has constructed several lies, they go in complete opposition to the truth I mentioned


You are not the Crown of Creation—You are not beautiful…unless…

The devil tells women that their beauty must be earned and it is not something women already possess.

You are not beautiful unless you:

  • Work out
  • Size 0
  • Perfect skin
  • Tan
  • Long hair
  • Great make-up
  • Latest Fashion

The devil has made beauty strictly physical (and specifically an unattainable/unnatural kind of physical).

Most importantly the devil has tricked women into thinking they have to earn their beauty.

This is FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with an extra !)

Our beauty is INNATE and UNCHANGING.

It is part of who we are, it is something that exists the moment we are created.

Thinking we have to earn beauty is like slapping God in the face.  Here God is…and he’s made his crown of creation -woman- and woman is like “gee…I wish I were prettier”

God is like “WHAT??? You are the best thing I ever made!!”

No no no…Women have it all wrong.

And it’s time they are told the truth.

Women are BEAUTIFUL.

We forgot that our value is determined by the same endlessly creative One who created the earth, wind, sea, sky, rainbows, mountains, sunsets, and snow; whose knowledge of beauty is greater than we can imagine and whose expressions of love to the world are more than we can fathom. He made you.



11 thoughts on “The Truth About Women Pt.1

  1. I feel beautiful after reading this! Thanks for reminding a 48 year old woman that my beauty remains with me always. I am inspired by you!!!!

  2. I can’t find any more posts about this on your blog! I hope you write them soon.


    I have 2 daughters I am raising in a good home with my hubby. But I just found out how sexualized some of the books from the teen section of the library are that she is reading at 12!

    Mu encouragement & blessings to you. Having a child is both the best & hardest thing ever and I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

    Enjoy your daughter and may God continue to heal you as he did me. (I was where you are without the pregnancy at one point – very broken)

    1. Yes, there will be more to come!! I am kind of new at this blogging thing, so I don’t have very many posts yet!! Thanks so much for the encouragement! PS-would love some tips on raising a holy daughter!!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. One of the most beautiful quotes I have ever read. I will keep it to use over and over, anytime someone needs to be reminded how special they are 🙂

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