Wish This Girl Happy Birthday For Me!

Best Friends: They know how awkward you are and still choose to be seen with you in public.
Best Friends: They know how awkward you are and still choose to be seen with you in public.

I have been blessed with many incredible friends.  I truly have some amazing people in my life.

There is one particular friend I want to talk about today…mostly because it’s her birthday and she HATES attention, so I figure this is the only day I can get away with it (hehe).

Anyways, let’s just call this friend, “Maddie” so she can remain anonymous. Ha.

So…Maddie is hilarious.  She’s one of my best friends, and we will be friends forever.  We even have a friendship plant. (I hope it’s still alive because that would ruin the vibe if it was dead).

The reason that Maddie is so great is that we understand each other. She’s knows when to poke fun, when to back off, when to laugh, when to cry, when to be sarcastic, when to argue, when to be silent, etc.

Hopefully everyone has a friend like this.

Last summer, Maddie changed my life.

She loved me when I was the most broken that I have ever been.

She took care of me (literally).

She helped me become whole again.

Most importantly, she made me love life.

This girl “Maddie” actually stopped what she was doing, packed up, and moved out to live with me in my teeny tiny apartment (against the rules), practically slept on the floor, and endured a terrible job for 3 months, suffered through minimal AC during one of the hottest summers EVER, and she did it all for me.

Who does that?

“Maddie” is a true friend.

Aside from the previously mentioned circumstances she had to endure….she did so much more that only the people that know her can truly appreciate.

  • She stayed in with me every night (because I never had the energy to go out and do fun things) and watched “The Bachelorette” against her will. (Maddie hates these love shows because she becomes too emotionally attached to the characters).
  • She woke up early every day (this was a legit sacrifice for her. HA. she’s not a morning person).
  • She went an entire summer without taking any pictures (only people that know Maddie can appreciate this-she’s one of those people that fills an entire memory card of pictures in 1 night).
  • She missed out on her family vacation (enough said).

Gosh this is making me emotional just writing all the things she sacrificed for me (Maddie- I DO have emotions!).  I love this girl!

Thank you Maddie for all that you did for me and my daughter that summer! I won’t get too much more mushy because I know you can’t handle that kind of stuff 😉

And I hope you have an epic birthday!!!!

Join me in wishing this lovely lady a Happy Birthday!!!


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