Motherhood – The 8th Wonder of the World

This is a tribute to my good friend Jeremy…(who also came up with the title)

Motherhood….truly should be acknowledged as a “wonder” of the world.


I don’t even know where to begin!

Think about it….mothers grow an entire human person in LESS than a year!!! You can’t even get a driver’s license in less than a year (in CO that is)

I mean..I don’t get it.

My hair will only grow maybe 5 inches in a year..MAYBE, but somehow I can grow an entire 6+ pound child in the same amount of time….it doesn’t make sense.  That’s a wonder for sure!

It’s ridiculous.  The whole first trimester I can barely eat (because of the morning sickness).  Yet, somehow…the smoothies and toast (the only things I can stomach) are creating fingers and toes.  So fruit and yogurt and bread go into my body….and somewhere along that journey little eyeballs and ears are created.   But the weird thing is…I always  ate fruit and yogurt and bread…but this time by body decided instead of pooping it out…it wanted to use it to make a little person.  (Obviously I’m sure the exact biology behind this phenomenon is a little different…but still.)

According to my baby apps, the baby’s heart starts beating after 21 days of conception.  What? The most important organ to the human body is created and pumping in less than a month?

Let’s talk about the whole birth thing.  Now that is a true wonder.

The baby’s head has to fit through what??

The fact that some people pushed around these big rocks and made Stonehenge and that’s such a wonder…but giving BIRTH doesn’t make the list!??? Ask the ladies that give birth to 12 pound babies naturally and see how they feel about this.

Now I’ll spare the bloody details…but birth is not just a wonder…it’s a miracle.

What happens after birth is perhaps even more of a wonder.  Functioning on no sleep for a month.  The first week after birth is such a blur I can’t even talk about it because I don’t remember.  I do remember searching on the internet if you could actually die from a lack of sleep.  The answer is no. (However tiredness could cause you to do something that might kill you…but you won’t actually just fall over and die for lack of sleep, you will just fall over and fall asleep).  If any mom who has a newborn so much as leaves the house showered and with her baby fully dressed is a huge wonder.  I remember driving to the store with my baby in her car seat in that first week thinking to myself “I think it’s against all codes and regulations for a bus driver or truck driver to be driving with the amount of sleep I’ve had.  They would get fired.  But here I am…driving”.  It’s amazing that I even functioned let alone drove around and ran some errands.

Let’s address breast feeding.

Just the fact that a woman’s body suddenly knows it’s supposed to make milk after going through a trauma like birth.  It’s not so much that the body creates milk that amazes me…but it’s how much milk.

So my daughter is 4 months old; since birth she’s gained roughly 7 pounds.  She only gains like an ounce a day, maybe a little less (which is very normal).  However, when I go to the clinic and weigh her before and after feeding, she eats about 3-4 ounces every feeding.  (Let’s say 3 for math’s sake)  Now I feed her about 7 times a day.  That means she’s taking in 21 ounces a day! Unfortunately she poops out most of that.  Anyways, my body produces at least 21 ounces of milk a day, and over the course of 4 months that is about 2,520 ounces of milk which amounts to 20 GALLONS of milk (or 158 pounds).

Someone convince me that’s not a wonder…


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