The Book


Our world is desperately broken.

Man, woman, child, everyone – is hurting.

Life is not valued because people have forgotten their dignity and their invaluable worth.

We’ve forgotten this, because we’ve forgotten what grace, mercy, and forgiveness mean.

We’ve forgotten this because we don’t remember what genuine, authentic love is….and most of all, we’ve forgotten how to be loved.

This crisis is jeopardizing lives.  Especially women.

Women are the only creatures that can co-create with God.  Out of all the places God could have chosen to form his most precious creation {human life}, he chose the womb of a woman.  Incredible.

The world, however, does not think this is incredible, remarkable, or even significant.

The world says of woman:

You are nothing

Your body is a hindrance, an inconvenience, a flaw

You are not good enough

You are unloveable

This is a crisis.

Because of this ideology, young women are treating their bodies like trash.  They have forgotten their dignity.  They are getting drunk, hooking up, and hating themselves.

Then……when this broken lifestyle leads to the unplanned, the scary, the terrifying, the embarrassing – a pregnancy, there is no where to turn.


Abortion is the answer (according to the world).  Women are too broken, too hurt, too ashamed and beaten down to remember that they are worth more than this.

I would know….I was one of these girls.

I’m That Girl is a book dedicated to all the broken young women who face an unplanned pregnancy.  It will give insight on the REAL thoughts, emotions, and spiritual attacks that come with an unplanned pregnancy.  It will tell how the devil attacks ALL life, and he does it by first attacking the heart of a woman.  This book will also reveal how life, forgiveness, and mercy can make all things beautiful again.  It will remind women of their innate, unchanging dignity and that life is precious, beautiful, spectacular, remarkable, and worth fighting for.

As a young woman who lived a broken lifestyle, faced an unplanned pregnancy in college, but also as someone who found hope, healing, and forgiveness, I would like to be a voice for these broken women.  From meeting with countless young women as an adviser at the local pregnancy resource center, I see a huge need for these women.  Unplanned pregnancies are not easy, especially for an already broken down woman.  This book will hopefully bring insight to the thoughts, emotions, and decisions made behind an unplanned pregnancy.  It will appeal to young women everywhere who have experienced the unplanned pregnancy, and will be an invaluable resource for those dedicated to helping women in these circumstances as well as those dedicated to the pro-life movement.

If you are interested in supporting, or participating in the production of this book (Tentatively to be released January 2014) please contact me below.


4 thoughts on “The Book

  1. I’m just a poor college student so I don’t know how much help I could be, or what I could even do haha. But my best friend is 16 weeks in to an unplanned pregnancy and I wish the book was already written because it sounds like exactly what she needs. I will definitely be supporting you with prayer.

    1. If your friend is ever willing to fill out an interview about her experience, she may have an opportunity to be featured in the book! (PS thanks for your support for her, I know if it weren’t for my friends support during my pregnancy I don’t know where I would be!)

      1. I’ll keep that in mind! Her story is one that would be so good for her to share. At this point though, she’s too ashamed to even go to a doctor so it will definitely be a question for the future.

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