Messy Bun


sooo, it’s happened. I’m letting myself go, sort of.

Ok not really.

But when you wear a messy bun EVERY SINGLE day for a month…it kinda feels like you’ve let yourself go.  Not to mention the infrequent showers and bare minimal make-up.

That is what happens when you have a new baby my friends.  No time, or motivation to keep up personal hygiene – because honestly, it’s not worth it.  It takes WAY TOO LONG.  By the time I straighten a quarter of my hair, guess who’s crying?  Ya. Not worth it.  Not to mention I’m shedding like an animal!  After cleaning my brush for the 3rd time in one day, I’m convinced the amount of hair I lost could amount to a small dog.  It’s disgusting. At this rate I will be bald by tomorrow.  I have no clue how I still have hair on my head because it just keeps falling out.  Now I totally understand the whole “mom haircut”. It’s easy.  I can’t do it…yet. I haven’t let myself give in.

I have long beautiful hair

–too bad no one ever sees it anymore because…..

a) I haven’t showered in far too long

b) there’s no time to style it

c) My daughter will rip it out and eat it or

d) I’m afraid a small animal’s worth of hair will fall out if I let the mane down

sooo this leaves me with the messy bun. Every. Day.

Because I’m not getting the “mom haircut”……yet.


One thought on “Messy Bun

  1. I had the messy bun for YEARS. Stay strong! But now that my youngest is two and a half, I can let it down and I love it. I’m so glad I never got it cut short. Losing hair is the worst – I remember being firmly convinced I was going to end up bald, but it’ll stop eventually.

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